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Calming Kit; for home, school, or community!


COVID or otherwise, stress due to daily demands placed on young developing minds can be overwhelming for some. Calming Kit (CK) includes research supported information regarding the human limbic system, the area of the brain where emotional responses are regulated, and the effects on social, emotional, and academic growth in all areas of life; home, school, and community. CK comes with Impresa products, all hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates and latex; 1 Monkey Noodle (can be cut into 3 pieces), 1 Monkey Spiky Roller, 1 Monkey Marble Mesh, 1 Instruction-insert, and a Picture Pocket to hold a photo of a loved one or object. The instruction-insert provides research supported strategies to maximize product use, the purpose of the products, and strategies to teach the child the purpose and application of products for calming. The benefit of CK is it not only supports in current time; strategies learned are supportive throughout a lifetime. 

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