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Kit-n-Kaboodle, Let Your Kid Doodle!


Kit-n-Kaboodle comes with I Therapy Brush, 1 Spiky Roller, 1 Gel Square, 1 Handweb, and 1 Noodle Stretch together in one packed kit with instructions and lots of useful information. It's a win/win kit for child, teacher, and parent!

Kit-n-Kaboodle products are utilized in therapy sessions by Occupational Therapists (OT). All products are research-supported, come with a user-friendly manual, and focuses on reducing stress and praising a child for effort, not outcome. Outcome will come once stress is reduced.

Writing challenges occur more often than recognized. A child may experice difficulties in both handwriting and temporal sequencing; beginnning, middle, and ending of a paragraph or essay. 


It is a complex skill, often referred to as “language by hand” (Berninger, Abbott, Abbott, Graham, & Richards, 2002), which reflects the complex integration of cognitive and motor processes that underpin the task (Van Galen, 1991).                                                                    Mellissa Prunty & Anna L. Barnett, Pages 205-218 | Received 06 Mar 2017, Accepted 30 Aug 2017, Published online: 26 Sep 2017




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