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Dysregulated Sleep Patterns That Interrupt Life's Progress

Sound Familiar?

Is your adult child struggling to develop both a balanced daily routine and making a career choice? Are you, the parent or caregiver, struggling to support your adult child getting involved in the community and making adult choices for life? If you answered yes to either of the questions, then consider S.E.A.S. ~ Specialized Employment Access Services’ 3X3 Workplace Readiness Program as a pathway to becoming engaged in the community.

S.E.A.S.’ 3X3 Workplace Readiness Program is purposefully planned for the young adult whose sleep pattern is dysregulated - sleeping through the day and up at night - making it difficult for a working parent to manage getting both their young adult and oneself out of the home to begin the day. Sessions begin at 4:00...why? Because that's when the young adult begins to wake up and looks for something engaging to do. Unfortunately, technology is a magnet and the cycle continues for the young adult; stay up late and sleep in late.

3X3 Workplace Readiness Program is curriculum based; challenging and active. Young adults begin with self-discovery identifying strengths and challenges, and are provided research-based strategies to manage challenges in all settings; home, work, and community. 3X3 Workplace Readiness Program is a 3 month program; sessions are held 3 nights a week for 3 hours...purposefully designed to meet your young adult's dysregulated sleep patterns and to begin navigating their life in a new and positive way. 

S.E.A.S.'s coordinator is Robin Rettie, began her career supporting individuals with differences in a sheltered workshop in 1976. Robin has been fortunate to witness and be directly engaged in workplace instruction for a total of 8 years as part of her 20 plus years as an educator. Robin's belief and understanding of individuals with differences is built on trust that encourages individuals to take new risks to create a life of interdependence. Email Robin for more details and an application. [email protected]


S.E.A.S.' 3X3 Workplace Readiness Program

Location: Shades Of The Spectrum

                16341 Meuschke Rd.

                Cypress, TX 77433

Beginning Date:  September 4

Ending Date:        December 6

September   4, 5, 6,

                     11, 12, 13

                     18, 19, 20

                     25, 26, 27

October       2, 3, 4

                     9, 10, 11

                     16, 17, 18

                      23, 24, 25

November    6, 7,8

                     13, 14, 15 

                      27, 28, 29

December    4, 5, 6

[email protected]





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Temple Grandin's advice...

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