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Social Emotional Learning from the inside out - utilizing neuroscience to guide SEL and Equity practices

  • Interaction between Central Nervous System, 8 Sensory Systems, and the Limbic System

  • Neuroscience - why sensory systems trigger responses and how to support ownership of behavior

  • Environmental triggers, creating safe and trusting learning environments

  • Increasing time on task

  • Decreasing school suspensions 


Robin Rettie, M.Ed., Special Education

Educator since 1989 serving EC - Adulthood, Generalist concentrating on behavior

Educational Consultant, navigating educational services in all educational institutions; public, private, residential, state supported facilities.


  • College of Santa Fe, Bachelor's Degree General Education, K - 8

  • University of Houston, Master's Special Education

  • Educational Consultant, Certified Mediator - Family and Marriage 

NAVIGATING BEHAVIOR; innovative, focused on curiosity, with consideration for all constituents: child, parents, and educators

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Explore your options; individualized to meet your district or campus needs

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