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Educational Consulting

General and Special Education ~ IDEA and 504 Planning

LLR provides guidance to parents and guardians as they navigate the maze of general and special education services. 

Much care and attention is given to parent's concerns and a child's social, emotional, and academic needs. 

LLR staff are certified educators and work collaboratively with school staff.


LLR's services include:

• Review and interpretation of assessments, support to increase parent knowledge regarding educational opportunities for your child, guidance with interpreting and understanding Procedural Safeguards, District Policy, and Federal and State mandates as established in Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA), and attend meetings as a team member.

• Guidance with RTI, MTSS, developing 504 Plan, Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) as determined by your child's educational evaluations, PLAAFP, grade level assessments, grades, and data collection.

• Guidance regarding current research specific to your child's needs, evidence-based teaching strategies and curriculum all anchored in neurology; the science of learning and behavior.                                                   

LLR requires $250.00 Retainer Fee that applies directly to your total invoice, a signed Contract acknowledging LLR Consultants are not lawyers and cannot guarantee outcomes of any meeting, and an Intake form regarding your child's needs and parent wishes.  

All partnerships between parent(s) and LLR are established through a contractual agreement. LLR reserves the right to withdraw services when it is determined progress can no​t be made on behalf of the child.

LLR consultant, Robin Rettie, has a bachelor's degree in K-8 education, certified in early childhood education (Pre-K & K), and has a master's degree in special education (EC - Adulthood). Robin has also received the Texas Education Agency Educator Certification. Robin's combined teaching experience in early childhood, general education, and special education, ages early childhood through adult, totals over 20 years.

Robin has 40 hours of training in All Kinds of Minds, 8 Neurological Constructs of Learning; completed 64 hours in Mediation and Negotiation Training through the state of Texas; WrightsLaw training; countless hours in training in all areas of disabilities ranging from Autism to Visual Impairment, including social skills and behavior training. She lives in Cypress with her husband, 2 dogs and 15 cats. Robin is most grateful for her two daughters; one a Kindergarten Educator in HISD, and the other works for Back On My Feet in Austin.

LLR Educational Consultant, Paula Evans,  has a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Tulsa along with a teaching certificate in generic Special Education and as a Diagnostician.  She has over 35 years of educational experience while working as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Educational Diagnostician, and a Parent Trainer.  Paula has also acquired TEA certification in Principalship, ESL (English as a Second Language), and GT (Gifted and Talented).  

Paula currently is a board member on the Greater Houston Disability Chamber of Commerce and has chaired their College Inclusion Conference for the past three years. Since retiring, she has decided to continue to support families and their child in need. Her wealth of knowledge is an asset to the well-being of a child. She lives in Katy with her daughter, three dogs, and enjoys spending time with her son and two granddaughters.

"Ms. Evans did a great job advocating for my Son! She is a former educator with a lot of great tips on how to work with school staff during an IEP meeting. I had many concerns about my Son's school and she didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, but rather educated me on why certain things occur and the best way to handle it. She is very knowledgeable and helpful! During my Son's IEP meeting she was polite, professional, and tough! I would definitely recommend her to friends and family! - Courtney K."2022

LLR's consultants are available for educational consulting for all ages, early childhood through adult. Email is suggested to establish a client/consultant relationship. Please reach out to our intake coordinator, Birgit Fisher at

Lighthouse Learning Resources does not file Due Process and only recommends entering into Due Process when your child has clearly been denied F.A.P.E. ~ 

Free Appropriate Public Education.

If you are in need of a Special Education Attorney, the following are recommended, listed in alphabetical order.

Cirkiel & Associates,

Disability Rights Texas,

Estate and Life Planning

Barbara Bush, Solutions for Special Needs Families,

Boyd Handley, The Handley Law Office

Hayes and Wilson,

Leona Filis, Law Firm  

At LLR, learning never stops. 

Navigating the educational system takes a collaborative effort of  knowledgeable persons 

in applying evidenced-based educational practices, Texas Education Codes, and IDEA 

in order to meet the individual needs of those we serve.

Disclaimer: LLR Educational Consultants do not have a law degree, do not provide legal advice or guidance, and make no claims to be an expert in special education law. However, if a family should need legal representation, recommendations can be given upon request.

We care...all the way around

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